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qouteThe company recommends taking the herbal shots, which contain ingredients such as chamomile, 15 minutes before a flight, and says the effects can last for four to five hours.qoute

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New York: Unleash Your Inner Child This Weekend


This post is brought to you by Body Works Sport and Body Works Energy*On Sunday, January 20th, it's going down on the corner of Wall and Broad Streets in NYC. Head to the Financial District for some old school fun.

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what they're saying

qouteAs a radio announcer it's my job to be energetic on-air. I have tried every single energy shot out there (plus cups of espresso) and nothing was as natural and effective as Body Works' Energy Shot. Well done!qoute

—Mario Little, Miami, FL

qouteI cycle. A lot. Usually, I would take water with me and an energy shot before I start my ride. But I noticed I'd still be sore and dehydrated the next day. A friend got me to take a shot of the Sport before I hit my ride, and wallah! I'm energized, not sore the next day and definitely never feel dehydrated. I'm a fan.qoute

—Tristan Lewis, Atlanta, GA

qouteWhen I travel, the swelling in my legs from sitting for long periods when I'm on business, it is not only a hassle but there is nothing to really help me when I'm on-the-go. I just tried your Wellness shot and had no swelling after a flight to London from NY. I'm stocking up!qoute

—Shoshanna Gibson, New York, NY

qouteThank you for sending me the Relax shot. As an Investment Banker, the level of stress I'm under daily by big clients is outstanding. After taking the Relax shot for the first time, I felt more relaxed than I do after Friday Happy Hour. Thanks for giving me my relaxation back.qoute

—Danny Garcia, San Francisco, CA

qouteFor years, I"ve tried every other solution on the market since I work late nights in editing TV. I wanted to avoid a prescription to help me sleep. Body WorksTM has continuously helped me. For the past few weeks, I have had the best sleep of my life. Thank you for making my nights a pleasure.qoute

—Ben Westbeach, Los Angeles, CA

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